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Siskiyou Home Visiting Systems Coordination

Siskiyou Home Visitation
Systems Coordination

Beginning in 2016, The Ford Family Foundation began funding a Regional Home Visiting Systems Coordination (HVSC) project.

In Siskiyou County, by invitation only, a grant was awarded to First 5 Siskiyou. Community partners fully endorsed and recommended First 5 Siskiyou as the lead agent for this grant.

The Vision of the project...

… is for Siskiyou county to have a coordinated Home Visiting (HV) system that strengthens and benefits all home visiting models as part of each region’s birth-to-five early childhood development system. The long-term goal for the project is to improve outcomes for children and families and expand the region’s capacity to serve more families.

The work is primarily focused on:


Improving internal communication between and among home visiting providers;


Increasing community awareness about the availability and benefits of home visiting;


Development of a shared intake & referral system to connect families to the best matched home visiting program; and


Development of a regional home visitor professional development plan to promote shared training opportunities.

Working Together
Strengthen Systems

First 5 Siskiyou, with funding and support from the Ford Family Foundation, partners with Shasta Head Start, Siskiyou Early Head Start, Siskiyou County Public Health, and Modoc Early Head Start to strengthen Home Visiting systems. These collaborative partners seek to coordinate efforts, reduce duplication, and enhance services
for the best outcomes for children and families.

Home Visiting Leadership Team

Executive leadership from the main home visiting organizations in Siskiyou County who provide guidance, oversight and policy shifts to expand the region’s capacity to serve more families.

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Home Visiting Advisory Team

Work group comprised of Home Visiting organizations and community partners that collaborate to achieve successful implementation of the four key categories of work.

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Home Visiting Gatherings

Monthly meetings with home visitors, home visiting management and early childhood service organizations to network, develop effective communication between and among HV programs, Leadership and home visitors, improve access to resources and comprehensive services to families with young children.  Meetings include rotations to various county-wide service providers and offer professional development training opportunities.

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By participating in home visiting programs, families can receive support from a variety of professionals from health, social service, and education sectors.

When it comes to strengthening families and improving the health of women and young children, home visiting is a proven strategy. Programs are voluntary and serve families from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of needs.
By participating in home visiting programs, families can receive support from a variety of professionals, including health, social service, and education professionals. Through regular home visits, parents have increased access to resources and critical information to support their children’s healthy development.
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For more information

Telephone: (530) 918-7222
Michelle Harris ~ Initiative Leader
Email: mharris@first5siskiyou.org

Executive Director:
Karen Pautz ~ Email: karenpautz@first5siskiyou.org

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