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Parenting Classes and Workshops

Join us for these recorded and LIVE webinar classes!

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Happening NOW!    ~   Virtual Parenting for Healthy Families Series!
This is a 12-part series of special topics of expressed interest facilitated by Jason Wilcox, LCSW.

The 7th class in this series — “Partnership” — is scheduled on Tuesday, May 19th at 5:30pm.
Please click on the schedule for this series below to read a description of this class:

 Here are flyers of previous sessions of this now 13-part (a new class on June 30th was recently added) series:

These virtual classes and groups are happening weekly NOW!
Yes— You can join in anytime!

We are so excited to collaborate with Jillian Delabar-Galarsa in this new Parent Group!

Family Dance and Yoga Activities
Build your emotional resiliency, spend healthy and happy quality time together, and alleviate stress and tension! Through this new recorded family yoga and dance series you will strengthen your bonds, support one another, and most of all–
have fun! Do join us! (:

Look here for 2 new classes each Wednesday, for
6 weeks — until May 20th and enjoy fun and sress-busting dance moves in the daytime session and a night-time yoga session with opportunities to reset and relax from the day! These classes are all recorded and you can enjoy them with your family at your convenience! The video clip at left is an introduction and special welcome from
Jillian Delabar-Galarsa!