Finding Child Care and Early Education

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Choosing a Provider

You, as your children’s first and most important teachers, are best able to choose the appropriate care setting for your children. We highly recommend that parents become familiar with the types of early learning and care providers (listed below) and read the “Choosing High Quality Early Care & Education” document on this website.  In addition, Quality Counts Siskiyou, provides a list of rated providers. (Please note that participation in our local QRIS is voluntary and that we do not currently have the capacity to serve and rate all interested programs.
Not being on the list does not imply level of quality.)

After reviewing this information, we strongly suggest that you (along with your child)
visit providers to ensure that the provider is “a good fit” (meets your
child’s needs as well as your family’s needs).

Child Care Referrals

Siskiyou Child Care Council (SCCC), our local Resource & Referral Agency, can provide you with a list of providers in your area. However, SCCC staff are not allowed to recommend specific child care providers or early learning programs.

For a list of providers, child care payment assistance, and/or further help in finding child care, please contact SCCC at 530-938-2748 or 800-300-2748.

Types of Early Learning & Care Providers


Sets minimum health, safety, and training requirements, but does not ensure quality. All family child care homes and child care centers
are required to be licensed.
Note: Tribal child care homes and centers are exempt from licensing. For more information on child care licensing, go to

Exempt Providers

Exempt providers are not required to be licensed. This category may include relatives, friends, neighbors, in-home care, cooperative arrangements or those who care for children from only one family besides their own. As the requirements for exemption can be complex, you may wish to call Siskiyou Child Care Council at 530-938-2748 or 800-300-2748 for further clarification.

Family Child Care Homes

Licensed care is offered in the provider’s home. There are small and large family child care homes.
(Small = 8 children or less;
Large = 9 to 14 children)

Child Care Centers

Licensed care is offered at sites designed exclusively for children.