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Mt. Shasta Community Resource Center
109 E. Lake St.
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
Bliss Bryan – Director


Funding provided by First 5 Siskiyou for fiscal year 2015-2015 – $32,000.00

The Mt. Shasta Community Resource Center (MSCRC) is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to embrace our diverse community by providing support, resources and services for all ages. The vision of the MSCRC is to unite our community through creative, collaborative partnerships. The MSCRC strives to create an inviting atmosphere available to all community members. We work together to enhance and expand our community resources through a broad spectrum of community partnerships including: business, childcare, economic development, education, recreation, public health, social services and community development. The administration and implementation of the
organization’s programs are implemented by a dedicated team including an Executive Director, Program Assistant, Family Services Coordinator, Experience Works volunteer and two, Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program volunteers committed to serving the Mt. Shasta community and its residents. The operation and planning of the MSCRC is overseen by a Board of directors comprised of six members of the community. The Board of Directors represents a broad spectrum of community involvement and expertise including child development, economic development, education, recreation, public health and community planning.

The Mt. Shasta Community Resource Center operates under the following guiding principles:

INCLUSIVE: Serving community members across all age, cultural, class and social backgrounds.

EXPANSIVE: Continually developing programs and activities that address diverse community needs.

EMPOWERING: Offering information, education, tools and support to help you grow.

COLLABORATIVE: Partnering with local businesses, libraries, schools, and other non-profits to create cooperative opportunities for our community.

INVITING: Providing a safe place to connect with essential resources in a supportive environment.