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Happy Camp Family Resource Center
PO Box 1076 (38 Parkway Rd.)
Happy Camp, CA 96039
Program Director:  Sarah McAbier

The Happy Camp Family Resource Center (FRC) employs three part-time staff members, and is supported by a cadre of volunteer parents and community members. The FRC, in partnership with multiple county and local agencies, provides programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our community. Programs and services include parent education, emergency services (food, shelter, heating), child development activities and education, career counseling and job placement services, after school programs, community and economic development project planning, family nights, special events, assistance with Healthy Families, EDD, MediCal, and Family Law applications. In coordination with Siskiyou County Behavioral Health, Healtherapy and Siskiyou Early Head Start, we offer family and individual counseling services, home visiting program, literacy activities, nutrition education, and community social events

Funding provided by First 5 Siskiyou  for fiscal year 2015-2016 – $14,000.00