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In addition to funding provided to the Family and Community Resource Centers the Commission sets aside funds each year for projects that fit indicators and criteria set forth in its Strategic Plan. Proposals are presented primarily in June of each year, but depending on available funds, applications can be considered throughout the year. The three categories that will be considered are:

  • Improved Child Health (including oral health)
  • Improved Child Development
  • Improved Family Functioning

Projects approved for Fiscal Year 12-13

Oral Health Project – $18,049.00 (thru FY 13-14)
Klamath Health Services, Inc. on behalf of the Siskiyou Health Partnership
Siskiyou Health Partnership continues to provide its Oral Health early education and screening projects through Siskiyou County’s preschools. This project utilizes the services of Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice (RDHAP) qualified to provide dental screenings, cleanings, fluoride treatments, referrals and educational programs. An educational component of the project is directed towards teachers and parents. Each child participating in the educational and screening process will receive a tooth-brushing kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, timer, herbal sucker, information on nutrition and toothbrushing and an age-appropriate educational storybook to keep. In addition, this project incorporates the general outreach and educational portion to pregnant women through the distribution of tooth brushing kits and educational information to area obstetricians, including Karuk Tribal Health Clinic, for their patients. It is anticipated that an additional 300 women will benefit from this portion of the project.

Comprehensive Approaches to Raising Educational Standards (CARES)Plus Program – FY 2013-2015.  The CARES Program was initiated by First 5 California in 2000 to promote continuing professional development and education among childcare and early education providers. For each dollar expended by First 5 Siskiyou, the State First 5 Commission provides two. The current CARES Plus Program emphasizes training in the research-based CLASS LAC (Looking at Classrooms) assessment tool. This tool takes an in-depth look at child-teacher interactions and classroom instructional strategies. Participants are awarded stipends for completing an online CLASS training and creating a related Professional Development Plan. They may receive an additional stipend for completing pre-approved college units or pre-approved professional growth hours.